APRN Congress

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The Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Congress of West Virginia (WVNA)

The Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Congress was formed to represent the professional
needs and protect the professional practices of Advanced Practice Registered
Nurses (APRNs) in West Virginia. 

The goals of the APRN Congress are congruent with both the goals of WVNA
and ANA. WE are committed to advocating for our patients and our profession.
We also continue to educate others, both health care professionals and the
general public regarding who we are and what we offer to the health care system.
These goals are addressed in a variety of ways. We utilize the media, remain
politically active, and promote continued communication of issues facing our

We are currently focused on increasing the statewide membership with local
groups to address issues and concerns of APRNs and open the lines of
communication. Local meetings are more frequent and focus on personal areas
of concern and education. Followed by, sending a representative to the 4 state
wide meetings to address the local concerns at the statewide forum. 

Our Congress has four standing meetings each year. These meetings are held
around the state. To best ensure representation of APRNs around the state we
have a board composed of members from the four major regions of the state. 

In addition to meetings, the APRN Congress communicates via e-mail. This is
a quick and efficient way to communicate any concerns or new developments.
If you are not receiving your e-mail, please contact WVNA to have the situation

We are working hard to represent all West Virginia APRNs and need your
involvement and membership. As an APRN, you have already proven yourself
a leader in nursing. Please take the next step in furthering your profession and
advocating for your patients. APRNs are known for having a strong voice in the
health care arena. Your voice will make us even stronger.

Jennifer Westfall, APRN, FNP, BC, GNP, BC, the Chairperson of the APRN Congress
welcomes your comments, suggestions and help.

Contact her at: jennwestfall@aol.com