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West Virginia Nurses Association Career Center

The advertisement will be published for 30 days. Postings are to be submitted as text only, 100 words or less.The rates are as follows:

$100.00 - web site posting alone includes a link to your company's web site and an email link to your contact person for fast and convenient responses to your job postings. .

$125 - includes a web site posting described above and an email blast that goes out to all of WVNA's web contacts

$34.42 - email blast alone

Discounts may be given for 2 or more posting in one single month or a continuous posting of more than 6 month. 

Advertisements can be submitted electronically (

Suggested format:

  • Job title or Ad title
  • Desired links with corresponding World Wide Web address and e-mail address
  • Short description (locations, specialty, requirements...)
  • MS Word format is preferred (PDF file format is the minimum requirement)


Prepayment is required by Visa/Mastercard (American Express is not accepted) as well as check and money order. WVNA does not accept American Express. Checks should be made payable to WVNA. Please direct inquires and ad files to


  • Postings are uploaded to the WVNA Career Center upon receipt of payment.
  • Your job posting will be automatically removed at the end of your paid time period.
  • To extend your job posting period, a new payment and instructions to the WVNA must be received BEFORE your initial time period is complete.

Simply send us your ad to,  For further information, please call WVNA (304) 342-1169.


All advertisements are subject to WVNA approval. WVNA reserves the right to reject any advertisement. Rates are subject to change upon notice. Cancellations or changes in order must be received by WVNA within 24 hours. The publication of any advertisement by WVNA is not an endorsement of the advertiser.

WVNA promotes equal employment opportunity as required by law, and accepts only advertisements that are not discriminatory on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, handicap, sexual orientation, veteran status, or for any other reason not related to individual merit.

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