WV Nurses PAC

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The West Virginia Nurses Political Action Committee (WVN-PAC) is a voluntary, nonprofit, non-partisan organization of nurses. The purpose of WVN-PAC is to encourage nurses to become more involved in healthcare policy and governmental affairs by educating political candidates and office holders to the issues and concerns of nurses and their clients. WVN-PAC is the political, yet separate, arm of the West Virginia Nurses Association.

Membership in the WVN-PAC is $25.00 per year, but any contribution over and above the membership fee is welcome.you only need to make a contribution. All money raised by WVN-PAC goes to promote the political goals of nurses throughout the state. Our top priority is to promote legislation that supports and improves nursing and healthcare in West Virginia. We do that by supporting candidates who agree with our goals and objectives.

There is power in numbers. If every nurse in West Virginia made a contribution to the WVN-PAC, we would be able to provide significant donations to all of the state and national candidates in West Virginia that support our issues and work for us in the Legislature and in U.S. Congress. Nurses are well respected and our support is already sought by many candidates and other healthcare organizations.

Join us in making a difference for nurses and healthcare. Anyone can contribute and become a member of WVN-PAC. Your money and your ideas are welcome. Send membership fee and contributions to:

PO Box 213
Scott Depot, WV 25560