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Membership in WVNA is a great way to keep up with changes in the nursing profession via legislative updates, be in touch with like minded colleagues through a nursing congress, advance your professional career or find new jobs through the Career Center and many more.
There are different categories in membership available.

Full Membership -
 This is the "gold standard" of membership. RNs belong to their states nurses association and through that the American Nurses Association. Full members receive full membership benefits at the state and national level, including discounts on certification through American Nurses Credentialing Center. More importantly, full members support and have a chance to influence the decisions made at the national and state level that affect the practice of nursing and the health of our patients and our communities. Full members can run for state board offices and national board offices with ANA.Full Membership Online Application

State Membership This is  available for nurses wanting to be involved on the state level.  Discounts include reduced fees for attending WVNA's Annual Nurses Unity Day, reduced membership in many nursing organisations, ability of joining a nursing congress or establishing one within the structure of WVNA and many more. WVNA looks to t's membership for guidance on what legislation to pursue, what civic and community groups to support and where WVNA needs to move in the future to aid the profession of nursing in WV.